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This tool will help you write an effective resume that will get noticed by employers. The more you know about yourself and the position you are are applying for, the easier it will be to create a winning resume. If you are not sure what job or field of employment interests you, you might not be ready to write your resume. Instead, consider taking the inventories under Know Yourself, to help you learn more about who you are, the skills you have to offer, what work values matter to you, and much more! Then you can explore different industries and occupations found in Saskatchewan (and beyond) to narrow down your possibilities.
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Before You Start
Gather information that will help you write your resume. You may be able to use contents from your portfolio, if you have started to build one. Some other helpful information might include:
  • A job ad
  • An occupation description
  • Information from the company website or Employer Profile
  • Your resume
  • Reference letters
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Learn more about resumes, including why you need one and what employers expect.

Below are the different resume types available through the Resume Builder. You will need to select which type you will use before you start the builder.

Resume TypeOverviewAdvantagesDisadvantages
ChronologicalHighlights job experience with most recent first Good for strong, consistent work history Highlights gaps, moving from job to job, and irrelevant experience
Functional Highlights strengths/hides weaknesses Incorporates non-work experience; does not highlight employment gaps due to project or contract work Employers may distrust these, wondering what you are trying to hide
Combination Allows you to sort/highlight skills and offers chronological detail; is the most widely used style Can help those with limited work experience by highlighting skills first Gaps in work history, job-hopping, and irrelevant experiences are still apparent in the work history section of the resume